Wii Mini

No I’m not talking about the Wii U. Rumor has it Nintendo will be releasing a mini version of the 2006 Wii console.

What changes do you think will be in store for the Wii? My bet is that you can say goodbye to playing your Gamecube games on it just as Nintendo did when they introduced a new European version in 2011.

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Shigeru Miyamoto retiring to work on smaller games

Of course, one might argue that Mario was a ‘small’ game…
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Information you need – Edinburgh Interactive Festival


As events go the Edinburgh Interactive Festival is among the most prestigious for those involved in the gaming industry. It’s been announced that GameStation will be acting as the retail partner for the event again this year. What it means for the everyday man is special discounts at the event when going to purchase games at their on-site store.

There are also a few good points to Gamestations involvement for the Scottish public at large with a one-off pre-festival launch event scheduled at the Gamestation store on Prices Street in Edinburgh in August featuring giveaways and competitions. While full details are still coming the Gamestation website will be updated with full info near the end of July.

In addition a highlight for all at the festival is the public screenings programme. It allows members of the public to preview in person some of the biggest games before they are released in addition to asking those involved questions about the games involved and offers a glimpse into their development. Most screening sessions are around 45-60 minutes long so its not a 30 second gameplay clip in most cases. It’s most of the perks that the press get only without the annoying writing to justify the freebies!

While the screenings are a ticket only affair they are free of charge with the tickets available in any Gamestation branch in Scotland. A download & print version for those outside Scotland can also be found on the Gamestation website from June 10th.