Fast-food getting faster in Japan

A vision of the future?

Remember that film with Morgan Spurlock where he tried to persuade us that fast-food was bad?

Made to show us not only the way junk food can affect us physically, but emotionally too; it was also supposed to put a stop to corporate food chains tricking their way into the pockets (and tummy’s) of consumers with a product barely fit for consumption.

That was the premise. So what now?

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Tip-toe through your supermarket

Its bad enough to see fat¬†Americans zipping around supermarket aisles in motorized carts, now comes a product which will contribute to their “dumbing down” as well.

First announced back in January, by MediaCart Holdings, Microsoft Corp. and Wakefern Food Corporation at the National Retail Federation’s 97th Annual Convention & Expo – the MediaCart is about to roll out into supermarket aisles.



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