Fast-food getting faster in Japan

A vision of the future?

Remember that film with Morgan Spurlock where he tried to persuade us that fast-food was bad?

Made to show us not only the way junk food can affect us physically, but emotionally too; it was also supposed to put a stop to corporate food chains tricking their way into the pockets (and tummy’s) of consumers with a product barely fit for consumption.

That was the premise. So what now?

But years after ‘Supersize Me’ McDonald’s in Japan are to introduce a coupon for Sony Felica-enabled phones to pay for their Big Mac’s.

It’s called the Kasazu coupon and can be downloaded to a persons phone at the point-of-sale. The customer then places their phone on a reader to make the payment, making it easier to purchase fast-food.

Now, i’m not a anti-fast-foodist or whatever they’re called. Hell, I eat McDonald’s too. But isn’t this kind of thing going to make our kids fatter and less conscious of the food they eat?

McDonald’s will test the e-coupon in 175 stores before hitting all 3,800 of its Japan restaurants.

The service will also allow Maccy D’s to target hungry consumers on their phone and bombard them with deals, which seems a bit forceful. But is it unethical? Let us know what you think.


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