id leaves ESA too!

Doom 3 Monster at E3

After Activision, Vivendi and LucasArts, we now have confirmation that id has quit the Entertainment Software Association. This comes up as news with id getting ready to rear its epic head once again when it comes out with Rage and Doom 4 in the coming years, along with their id Tech 5 Engine. Hit the jump now!

For those not in the know, the Entertainment Software Association (the ESA – no, not the space agency) controls E3 and made what seems to be an erroneous decision last year by shifting E3 to Santa Monica. The move costed them $5 Million, and so the ESA had to raise membership dues.

This has caused the video game industry to get pissed off, and we have had Activision, Vivendi and LucasArts get their butt out of the ESA ASAP. LucasArts did say recently that they will be attending the E3 regardless, but the same cannot be said for id. That’s a shame, because I’m sure one of the things on everyone’s E3 checklist this year was Rage (or Doom 4, if they’ve gotten anywhere with it yet).

We also wonder as to what will happen next. Who else will leave the ESA? Will E3 be the same? Find out in our next episode!

4 thoughts on “id leaves ESA too!”

  1. There will be a huge void at E3 if ID soft isn’t there. But let’s run a list of what has happened. Moving, raising membership fees, no loud displays, no booth girls, closing the doors to the general publisc…

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