The Incredibles Bluray Review

Yes it’s incredible.

Want to see Cars 2? How about for free? Buy The Incredibles 4-Disc Bluray combo pack and you’ll get a free ticket valued up to $8.50.

Now that I’ve got your attention lets look at this combo pack. Bluray disc 1 is The Incredibles film. Bluray Disc 2 features the majority of the special features. The DVD features the film and two short films Boundin and Jack-Jack Attack. Disc 4 is a digital copy of the film.

Sadly this combo pack doesn’t feature Disney’s Second Screen experience. It’s something that I enjoyed in both Bambi and Tron Legacy so hopefully Disney will be including this in future releases soon!

By now you’ve probably seen The Incredibles. If not, it’s a movie about a superhero family dealing with life when superheroes aren’t wanted anymore. Eventually they do get to rise to the top and be super once again.

One of the best new special features is a 20-30 minute roundtable with the creators of this film found on disc 1. Disc 2 is broken up into many new special features that are around 2-5 minutes each. They are broken down into very specific topics and I lost a sense of the overall story and timeline within these making of clips. Disc 2 does include the behind the scenes videos from the previous DVD version that have been converted into HD. They look good, but not as good as the newer material.

Quick unboxing:

Overall I do recommend The Incredibles 4-Disc Bluray Combo pack. It’s got tons of special features that will last for hours on end.

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