Bambi Diamond Edition Bluray Review

It’s pretty rare that a DVD/Blu-ray tries something new and really makes it worthwhile for the user.

We’ve all grown accustomed to special features on DVD/Bluray packs, but the Disney Second Screen experience sets this collection apart from all others. Having a second screen such as an iPad or laptop play bonus materials such as games, clip art, video, etc. is really a treat for viewers who have already seen the movie and don’t want to sit through hours worth of additional bonus materials. Through the second screen you get to interact with these special features. It feels like a interactive book.

The iPad app is about 500 megabytes in size so it will take you a while to download it before you get to experience it. It is interesting to see that Disney skipped out on the digital downloadable copy of the movie. This Diamond Edition only includes the Bluray and DVD versions of the movie/special features.

Of course beyond the special features, Bambi looks great. It has been digitally restored and the colors pop on an HDTV. This Bluray is worth picking up as it shows you the future of how you’ll be interacting with your movie content. Oh and also I guess it’s worthwhile because Bambi is a classic, but you already knew that.

Bambi Diamond Edition unboxing

Disney Second Screen – Bambi

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