iChair Review

Need a quick and easy way to prop up your iPad? The iChair is the perfect solution.

It works the standard iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB models. With the iChair you can lean your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. There are two latches on the back. One of them is in the center of the case and rotates around to allow you to lean the iPad in either mode. This latch also has two extra bumpers so you can lean the iPad adjust its incline. The other latch is much smaller and allows you to prop up the iPad so you can type on it.

The case comes in two parts. There’s the top portion which does not feature any latch and the bottom portion features both latches. For some reason there’s no way to lock these two pieces into place. You slide them onto your iPad and they feel pretty sturdy, but could come off if you’re holding the iPad in one hand.

The box does come with an extra top piece. We received the black case while the extra piece was a dark blue. The box also comes with a screen protector and screen cleaner rag.

Overall this hardcase makes the iPad a much more convenient way to watch media. I’ve always found it annoying to hold the iPad in my lap as I lay down and try to watch something on the iPad. Now with the iChair as long as I have a desk near my seat I’ll be able to watch anything with ease.

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