Tron Legacy Bluray Review

For several years we’ve talked about everything Tron Legacy related, and now it all comes to an end.

The Tron Legacy 5 disc Bluray collection packs a punch, not only does it include the film Tron Legacy, it also includes the original Tron film. Both of these films are in high definition on Bluray. Tron Legacy is also on another disc in Bluray 3D. I don’t have a 3D TV so I can’t view the contents on this disc. If you saw Tron Legacy in 3D at your local theater, the 3D Bluray film should look something similar to that. For those of you who have DVD players, there is DVD featuring Tron Legacy. You’ll also receive a digital copy of Tron Legacy that you can put on your iPod or other media device.

Bottom line is that within this 5 disc collection you receive a lot of different ways to watch the same movie. The good news is that there are many extra features that also come bundled in here. The vast majority on the Bluray disc for Tron Legacy are special features that seem to have been made for the web. If that’s the case, then there are only a couple that are brand new and never before released. The original Tron Bluray disc also includes tons of special features that were previously released on another DVD/Bluray collection.

One of the most exciting special features for me was Tron Uprising. It’s Disney XD’s new animated series based on Tron. I was shocked by its animation quality. It’s a mixture of 2D/3D in a anime-esc form. Lets just say that visually speaking, this show may just blow the rest of Disney XD’s shows out of the water.

The most important special feature on here is that of the Disney Second Screen. As I discussed with the Bambi Bluray, which was the first Disney Bluray to include this feature, you’ll be able to interact with content in a form that you’ve never previously been able too. The Second Screen experience is open to those of you who have a iPad or laptop. You’ll have to download an app and insert your code that comes in the Bluray package. This activates the program and allows you to access the content. You have two options, one is to access the content on your own or play the movie as you watch the content on your other screen. The Second Screen automatically syncs up with the movie using your device’s microphone. The Second Screen allows you to access more behind the scenes videos, artwork, etc. then what were available on the featurettes. There aren’t as many games as the Bambi Bluray Second Screen contained, but there’s plenty of CGI sequences that you get to rotate through, which is pretty neat.

Overall there’s a lot of Tron content to be had here. A good amount of it has previously been released, but enough of it is brand-new to make it worth picking up.

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