The President’s Book of Secrets – DVD Review

In a world where information constantly flows through cyberspace and no one’s life can truly be 100% secret, is there a book passed down to each president that contains info only he is privy to? This insightful special from The History Channel sets out to explore the possibility of a President’s Book of Secrets and the ramifications of such a tome existing.

The legend of the book goes all the way back to our first president, George Washington, and its contents supposedly contain national security information, coordinates of top secret locations, possible truths about well-known conspiracy theories, and even the names of people who pose dire threats to the United States.

Of course, all of this is mere speculation since the book has never been found; but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t truly exist. This documentary sets out to explore the possibility of the book’s existence, it’s secretive contents, and the dire consequences if the contents were ever revealed.

As stated by several experts, including professors, journalists, authors, and politicians throughout the special, the President of the United States knows much more about the world around him than he is allowed to let the public know. But is there information that even the president isn’t told about? Is the president the true seat of power, or are there secret societies pulling the strings?

The documentary explores these questions as well as discusses item that may or may not be included in the Book of Secrets, including: the Nuclear Football; the Black Budget; conspiracy theories; and even secret rooms, locations, and enemies lists. Keeping the book a secret in our increasingly public world makes for an interesting conspiracy all its own.

I really enjoyed The President’s Book of Secrets, and if you’re a fan of United States or Presidential history it’s definitely worth watching.

The President’s Book of Secrets is available April 26, 2011 on DVD!

What secrets do you think the President of the United States knows but is sworn to secrecy not to tell? Leave a comment and let us know!