Fiber One Muffins – Review

Frozen food tends to either be in one of two categories: it’s unhealthy or it tastes bad.

When I tasted the Fiber One Frozen Ready-to-Eat blueberry muffins I was shocked at the amount of taste each muffin had. Whether eaten frozen or hot, the muffins retained their moist blueberry taste.

Each box comes with four individually packed muffins. The muffins are a little small and did not entirely fill me up. They are at least easy to scarf down. One muffin contains 180 calories and 33 grams of carbohydrates. The muffins are a little sticky and will spread crumbs all over the place.

I really would have liked either more muffins in one box or larger sized muffins. The food is reasonably priced at $3.99. As of right now there are two flavors blueberry and banana chocolate chip.

I do recommend trying these muffins out. If you do, please leave a comment with your own thoughts below!

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