Southland Season 1 Uncensored – DVD Review

Can a show like COPS be replicated in a fictional setting?

That’s the question that Southland produces have tried to answer. The spin on this crime drama is that the series focuses more so on the cop characters as they solve crimes, as opposed to solely crime investigation.

The problem with that though is that it takes a long time to become involved with these characters. It’s not like you can identify with these characters as the boy or girl next door type. They’re conflicted characters with dark pasts that have led them to deal with their problems by fighting crime.

This series looks and feels like an authentic cop reality show. The crimes are gruesome. The language is explicit.

This DVD set contains two discs with seven episodes. Disc two has a featurrette called Southland: Redefining the Cop Drama. It includes behind the scenes coverage and interviews with the cast and crew.

I’d say it’s a solid rental if you’re into cop or crime shows. If you’re not, this show won’t change your mind.

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