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A lot of you have been requesting for a new episode to Subscribe to This and I’ve found some channels that are unique and very entertaining.

The first channel is This channel is ridiculous. If you’ve ever had problems picking up chicks this is the best guide to getting their digits. It’s just some suave dude going around town targeting women and asking them for their number. This is a show that should be on the Travel Channel or something. It’s really good quality.

The other channel is one that shows why you should exploit loved ones. channel features a husband recoring his wife after films. For some reason she balls out tears at the end of a bunch of films like Star Wars and Back to the Future.
This is definitely a channel to be on the look out for because maybe she’ll cry at the end of your favorite movie.

Make sure to request it now.

There you go, two channels that you might want to look into and subscribe!

Feel free to suggest your YouTube channel or others by leaving a video response or comment below.

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