EA Explains Medal of Honor’s Bearded Cover Guy

Also, their reaction to the community’s reaction. It’s like a mirrored version of that reaction guys meme, people!

The director of marketing at EA Los Angeles, Craig Owens explained the cover guy of the new Medal of Honor reboot, who’s got some wild reaction amongst fans, all owing to his epic, dwarven beard. There’s folks who love him, folks who hate him and some other folks who don’t care about him at all. But why a guy with a beard so epic?

Owens explains that EA was looking for an ‘unexpected’ look for the cover while retaining the series’ most defining qualities. So yes, a beard is definitely unexpected. It might also just be the hottest new thing amongst video game protagonists, since Max Payne is also sporting a manly beard now.

The origin however, came from a photographed model with a beard as epic as this. It did not come from the famous “Cowboy” soldier image that’s been floating around the interwebs, but Owens recognises the similarity, noting that soldiers in Afghanistan often grow their beards to blend in with the locals. And look absolutely epic and Viking-like.

Also, in case you’re on the ‘I Heart Beard’ side of the argument, you’ll be pleased to know that the cover guy will definitely be in the full game, despite his exclusion in the first trailer. What’s surprising to me is that I thought you were playing the cover guy all along! I mean come on, how epic would it be if you looked down and instead of seeing your gun, you saw your Viking beard?

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