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Hello everyone! I am not sure if you remember this but back on Day 18 and Day 33 David did a little thing called “Subscribe to This!”

The goal of Subscribe to This is to be “…a show where you can submit YouTube channels and we’ll share them!” We’re bringing this back and in order for this to work we need your help! Suggest some channels, by leaving a comment below, that you think are worth while and they could be included in future posts. This guy did:

Comment on YouTube

That guy must be a real nerd though…

So today I bring you


YouTube Channel: Here – Twitter Here

Adam is a 20 year old Welsh from… Wales 😛
He recently became a Youtube Partner about 3 months ago, but still has under 3000 subscribers. Though that does not change the fact that he is one of the most viewed people in the UK:

Gear's Awards

Adam is a very active member of the Nerdfighters [A group made by Hank and John Green] so like many nerdfighter his style is Vlogging. However he does keep his martial very fresh and makes a video about about 4-5 times a month, so he will not be overflowing your subscription box. His videos are normally also quite short so they are easy to watch.

Overall I give Adam a:


Legend: (1) = Poor stay away (2) = Maybe one day (3) = Getting there (4) = Solid Subscribe, maybe not to their second channel (5) = Follow this person anyway you can

About Richard: :: Website :: YouTube

:: Bio
I am the founder of 30 Days Later Productions
I have known David for about a year now over the internet.
I had the pleasure to meet David in person at the first VidCon (2010)
I love a good laugh, and am quite comedic myself.
Hopefully you guys will see that in my writing 😛

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