Facebook and Twitter service for Xbox Live dated in UK

Xboxlive Facebook twitter
Now it’s not quite a release date for everyone, but considering these updates are usually released uniformly through out the world I’d expect this to be the worldwide release date. Some British Xbox players were quick and sharp enough to catch a slip on an Xbox Live page detailing the Facebook and Twitter update for the Xbox 360.

While it’s been fixed now, the page originally detailed that the two updates, sans last.fm to my chagrin, are to be released on November 17th. The date has not been confirmed by Microsoft, but MTVMultiplayer has said that the release can expected late October, which matches up with the dates fairly well. The services still require Gold Membership, but if you have it then look forward to the service’s release next month and a confirmation sometime soon.

Facebook and Twitter arrive November 17 on Xbox Live in the UK [Joystiq]

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