31 Days of Horror: Suspiria


31 Days of Horror continues with the Dario Argento classic, Suspiria. This is an amazing film. I went into it not knowing that much about it, which I think worked in my favor. This is truly a work of cinemas masters, and a testament to classic horror movie making.

Released in 1977, the film tells the tale of Suzy, an aspiring ballet dancer, who finds herself at a prestigious dance academy where death is in the air. No one knows who’s to blame, but mysterious happenings begin to take place that send everyone into a freefall of fear and terror.

Filled with vivid and stunning images that are still chilling over 30 years later, Suspiria is a brilliantly made film that organically weaves the horror in with the storyline. Who is responsible for what’s going on at the dance academy? Is it ghosts? The devil? Witches? The truth will be uncovered and revealed as the story unfolds.

Dario Argento is one of horror’s greatest directors. His films deliver amazing imagery, unique cinematography, and plenty of chilling moments. Suspiria is definitely a must-see for fans of classic horror, or horror films in general. Argento has his own clear-cut style, one that transcends the predictable conventions of the genre.

I highly doubt the remake (releasing in 2010) will do Argento’s vision justice.

Put Suspiria on your list of horror flicks to watch this Halloween.

What’s your favorite film by Dario Argento? Leave a comment and let us know!

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