Resistance 3 inadvertantly announced by a… billboard?

resistance 3
Resistance 3 was inevitable, being a well performing console exclusive for the PS3. Now while the game’s development isn’t a surprise, what is surprising is how it became known that the game is being developed. A billboard for Resistance 3 was found in Shreveport Louisiana, a city often used to shoot movies.

The billboard is seen behind a devastated gas-station and on some supports that do not seem particularly long term, suggesting that the billboard was indeed placed for the filming of a movie. So what movie might this before? Posters on NeoGaf, a quite large gaming community, have pieced together that it might be for a movie called Battle: Los Angeles by Columbia Pictures, who is owned by Sony and is being shot IN Shreveport.

The movie, besides sounding like a bad(good?) Ed Wood sci-fi flick, does hold some significance. The movie is set to be released early 2011, February to be specific, suggesting that should be expecting this game’s release in 2011.

The only other useful piece of information gleamed from these pictures are where the story is taking place in the game, which is suggested to be New York by the silhouettes of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building in the game’s name.

Prop Billboard Gives Up Resistance 3 Date? [Kotaku]

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