Okamiden main character is painfully cute

More information on the sequel to the Clover Studios masterpiece has flowed out. The main character isn’t the same sun goddess from the original game, but rather a new wolf. The ivory wolf is called Chibieratsu, in short a super deformed Amateratsu. The person riding on Chibieratsu’s back is Susano’s son, Kuninushi.

The sequel takes place three months after the events of the first game, which doesn’t quite explain for Susano’s son who shouldn’t be born yet. The guardian of the village calls upon Amateratsu, only to find Chibieratsu instead. Chibieratsu retains some of Amatertasu’s abilities, including the celestial brush from the original game.

Being that the game is on the DS, the game will use the touch screen for the celestial brush’s use. The new wolf will have some of Amateratsu’s original abilities, and it’s likely that Susano’s son will replace the role of Issun in the sequel.

The same art style from the original game is here, and the cel-shading art style seems to largely be intact. What strikes me the most is the new protagonist. Amateratsu was an elegant wolf, very much like the shinto goddess she was a reincarnation of. Chibieratsu however is this undeniably cute little puppy. It’s hard to look at this pup’s face and not gush over it’s appearance.

I still remain slightly skeptical about the game, but I’m far more reassured now than I was before. The game’s designer, Kuniomi Matsushit who directed the Wii port of the original game, made a prototype of the game for the DS even before going to the game’s producer.

Despite Hideki Kamiya not being attached, the spirit of the original game seems to be intact. I can only hope that this game does not disappoint, and that Capcom of America decides to bring it to the states.

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