The Return of Captain EO?

Captain EO
Captain EO, if you’re not familar, is a short film that was made for Disney’s theme parks staring the late Michael Jackson. The 3D 17 minute short was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and was seriously over budget. The short cost 17 million dollars, 35 million with today’s inflation, and lasted in several of Disney’s Themeparks until the late 90s.

Evidently the slightly infamous short will be brought back to Tomorrowland in the southern California Disneyland early next year. The reason for this is fairly obvious. The short was extremely expensive and with Jackson’s recent passing it would attract some more people to the park. What I can’t help but wonder is if the short will be remastered.

Will Captain EO be in HD or will it be exactly the same as it was when it was originally released? Will the 3D be redone to utilize today’s more modern 3D techniques? Will children who are dragged to it by their parents realize that that’s actually Michael Jackson fighting aliens with the power of dance?

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