New series coming from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix

Burn Notice crew
While I would suspect a great number of the show’s initial base was due to Bruce Campbell, Burn Notice has shown itself to be a great TV series. The series has proven to be a huge success for the USANetwork. I would suspect that this success has lead to the creation of Royal Pains, which is more or less a medical Burn Notice.

Well this success has followed the creator of Burn Notice, Matt Nix, allowing him to start another TV series. The series, this one for Fox, is called Jack and Dan. It’s a cop show, but more action than mystery like Burn Notice.

“It’s an action-comedy cop show that follows both the cops and the criminals and the ways they come together,” said Nix. “The fun is seeing how they clash, and that doesn’t happen in the conventional procedural ways.”

It doesn’t sound particularly original but I’m hopeful. Matt Nix created an amazing series with Burn Notice. I can only expect something uniquely Nix in style(Nixesque?) to come out of this show. There’s no word on when it’ll show, but 13 episodes have been ordered so expect it fairly soon.

BURN NOTICE Creator Matt Nix Lands New Series JACK AND DAN at Fox TV [Collider]

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