Leetstreet Boys, don’t let the name fool you

Leetstreet boys game
There are quite a few Geek Rock bands and artists out in the tubes of the internet. Jonathan Coulton, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies and Nerf Herder to name a few. The influence of their geekiness is less evident with some of their more famous songs, but others not so much. Leetstreet Boys I would classify under the genre of Geek Rock.

The number of references to video games and anime in their songs are many. Ranging from some of the more obvious references to some more niche references. While its the most endearing and certainly entertaining part about the band, it could also be seen as the main fault.

The number of direct references in the lyrics of some of their songs is a little annoying at times, but the speed at which they come make up for it with the number of laughs you get from them. The songs have a nice catch that stick to the back of your mind like a wad of gum.

The webcomic and videos the band releases are just as entertaining. Anime art style through out, but the animation with in the videos are really well put together. For a three minute video, there are a surprising number of great references to anime and video games in there. The most memorable amongst them is Sephiroth doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance during the video for Yuri the Only One.

Just in time for the Guitar Hero 5 release, the band released a game for their song Guitar Hero Hero which I was unfortunately unable to play. That being said, from what I read it’s fairly interesting in the end result and presentation. It appears to be a Guitar Hero-like flash game but with the music for the song in the background and a different ending depending on your performance in the game.

Be sure to check out their website if you’re a fan of Video Games and Anime.

Update: The game is working now, quite fun.

Leetstreet Boys

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