Andy Griffith is a Dancing Grandpa?

Play The Game is holding a giveaway contest for the signed movie posters of ‘Play The Game’. If you’re a resident of the U.S., you could win one of 20 signed movie posters by Marc Fienberg – Writer/Director.

Official Contest Rules:
1) You must live in the United States.
2) Please download the Dancing Grandpa YouTube video and mix it into your own video.
3) Leave a Video Response to the Dancing Grandpa YouTube video with your entry YouTube video.
4) Contest ends on September 30, 2009.
5) When the contest is done, we’ll announce the winners.
6) If you win, you will be contacted via a YouTube message. You will have up to 1 month to respond with the appropriate information. If you do not you forfeit your prize. It might take a few days or a month.
7) You may not resell the prize.

**The most entertaining videos win.**

Andy Griffith dancing from Play The Game.

You can read our review of Play The Game here.

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