2 thoughts on “Open Web Awards – Voting Round 1”

  1. H3y,

    We are asking others to please vote for JamsBio in the Music and Online Games categories.

    Jamsbio.com is a social community dedicated to sharing your life through music. It’s a destination for people to meet, reconnect, or simply stay in touch by sharing the story of your life through music. It’s where you can journal about music memories; read daily music news and reviews (http://magazine.jamsbio.com/); send song dedications to friends and romances; create and debate top-5 music lists (http://www.jamsbio.com/lists); and play games to test your knowledge of music (http://jamsbio.com/games).

    You can easily vote for JamsBio at http://blog.jamsbio.com/?p=1641


  2. Please check out and vote for LifeSnapz.com in Mashable’s Open Web Awards – Niche Social Networks category.

    LifeSnapz (http://www.lifesnapz.com) is a great unique (and free) way to capture and explore your life events with photos, videos, timelines and maps, and share these events with friends, family and other trusted groups.

    Please vote for LifeSnapz!

    Thank you!

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