WALL-E: One of the Most Awesomest Animated Movie Ever!

WALL-E (3-Disc Special Edition)
Starring the voice talents of Jeff Garlin, John Ratzenberger, Sigourney Weaver, Fred Willard
Rated G
Running Time= 98 minutes

I loved WALL-E! It was visual feast for the eyes. A cinematic masterpiece. A prime example of creative ingenuity and technological genius. Why is it so good? There are many reasons, and I will share them after the jump.

1. The advances in computer animation have come a long way since Toy Story. Even with the leaps made in animated films like Shrek, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, WALL-E takes the one step further. There’s something about the real-looking world presented that gives the film an awe inspiring feel. Even though we are looking at piles of junk, it’s beautifully crafted junk.

2. WALL-E is a great character. He’s sweet, innocent, and you really care about him. Though little dialogue is spoken by this trash-compacting robot, his expressions and gestures emote more than enough. My heart went out to him on several occasions, and there were a few teary-eyed moments over the course of the film.

3. EVE. She’s WALL-E’s love interest, a vicious killer, and her character arc is so well-defined that you care about her journey as much if not more than WALL-E’s. Her presence shakes up WALL-E’s world, and enables him to take a transformative journey that affects the lives of EVE, WALL-E, and the humans they encounter.

4. The human element. Not only are there CG human characters in the film, but real ones as well. Fred Willard appears several times. It’s extremely clever how they combine both types of human characters and explain why the CG humans are so fat. It’s not that they are lazy and obese; it’s due to a lack of gravity and skeletal development (it’s in the film). Thanks to WALL-E, these obese humans discover there’s more to life than just laying about.

5. The Umbrella Robot on the human’s ship. Without his presence, a lot of key moments in the second half of the film would have never happened. All hail Umbrella Robot! Let’s give him his own film!

6. The bonus features. Two awesome and hilarious shorts accompany the first disc. Presto is hilarious and is a throwback to classic Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons. BURN-E takes a look at what was going on outside the human’s ship while WALL-E and EVE were running around. It’s very funny. Behind-the-scenes featurettes, commentary, deleted scenes and more fill the three DVD collection. There’s also a digital copy of the film so you can upload it onto your computer. We’ll have a more detailed review of the special features soon!

If you like animated movies, you’ll love WALL-E! I certainly did. I highly recommend the film, and can’t praise it enough.

WALL-E calculates itself an A++++! Don’t miss it!

What did you love about WALL-E? Leave a comment and tell us!

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