BioWare CEO: More Licensed and Original Games coming

Ray Muzyka

BioWare, pretty much a juggernaut in the RPG section of the games industry made waves with Mass Effect, and have no intention of stopping just yet. BioWare is already on a roll with several titles under development, such as the sequel to Mass Effect, their original IP Dragon Age and the unannounced, top-secret BioWare-LucasArts “interactive product” thing.

Ray Muzyka, CEO of BioWare talked in an interview about Mass Effect, working on original or licensed IP and what’s up with Mass Effect with a hint of Dragon Age in the mix. Hit the jump to find out the details!

According to Muzyka, licensed and original titles are equally good. He praises Star Wars for allowing creative freedom and rightfully so, considering that other than the terminology and factors, Knights of the Old Republic was almost completely unrelated to the movie trilogy and pretty much whatever comes to your mind when you first hear Star Wars.

He also confirms, “We love working on both types of properties and you can expect both kinds from BioWare in the future.” There we go!

Talking on Mass Effect 2, Muzyka says “We are working on future installments in the Mass Effect franchise and the team is implementing some very cool stuff that we aren’t ready to discuss yet. Hang tight; we’ll have more information as we get closer to formally announcing new products in the Mass Effect franchise!”

Sounds like BioWare has all the intentions of turning Mass Effect into a major video game property, sort of like Halo. We wonder what evil schemes  the folks at BioWare have on their minds.

And talking on whether Mass Effect 2 will be 360-exclusive or what, he says, “We haven’t announced any specific plans yet with Mass Effect 2, so other than saying that I love the Mass Effect universe, I’ll have to plead the fifth on this one!”

Read the full interview here at Joystiq!

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