New Far Cry 2 trailer, info

Far Cry 2 Screenshot
Ubidays is on, and there are plenty of games from Ubisoft’s stable that are attractive. There’s Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.K., the next-gen Prince of Persia, the newly announced Beyond Good & Evil 2, and of course: the sequel to 2004’s prodigal success, Far Cry.

We now have more info on Far Cry 2, on which we reported earlier. Now, Ubisoft has released a trailer and lots more screenshot goodness for the masses. There’s also quite a bit of info floating around which we will sink our teeth into, right after the jump.

Set in Central Africa, Far Cry 2 will be the latest dose of outdoor combat. Ubisoft deftly avoids setting it in any existing nation, merely saying that the action is in Africa (all for political reasons, of course). As we can tell from the screenshots themselves, we’ll see a good deal of jungle and savannah warfare.

And interestingly, the game will actually include a collection of wild animals that will behave realistically: they will eat, sleep, wander the jungles, drink from the pond; we’re hoping they’re real enough to poop as well. They will run from fire and be startled by approaching humans. We’re hoping that the AI is improved to be more realistic, because judging by Far Cry‘s AI, a lion should start chasing you as soon as he caught a glimpse of a strand of your hair from behind a bush, atop a mountain and inside a broken down shack.

This will also make for some very interesting in-game possibilities. Imagine trying to assault an enemy base and your plan goes flawlessly until you inadvertently alert some underestimated animal who goes crying into the enemy base. We might even see classic cheetahs-eating-deer scenes from National Geographic or something. Think of the possibilities!

The trailer is pretty ambiguous, making references to an African reporter showing Africa as he sees it: a land of shadow and light. He refers to a “Jackal” whose location no-one knows. Mysteries abound. Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself!

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