Widescreen becomes Default to YouTube – The Change Begins Now

[UPDATE 12/4/08: YouTube has now enabled Widescreen embeds.]

YouTube has officially switched from the default 4:3 ratio to a 16:9 ratio for videos playing on their website. This is definitely great for future web video content. Now there’s a reason to upload videos in 16:9 ratio. Obviously there’s a difference between 16:9 and true high definition, but YouTube is taking it one step at a time.

In the past, YouTube’s user generated videos and professionally produced videos looked practically identical. We’re finally getting to the point where we may see a rift occur between these user generated content and professional content. When YouTube began, it didn’t matter what quality you uploaded the video at because it looked like crap. Earlier in the year, YouTube enabled high quality video streams and now that it has defaulted to a widescreen display, there is a reason for content producers to actually care about the visual quality of their footage!

This will only help the internet web video industry as a whole. If there has been one reason why advertisers have been hesitant to step into the web video market, it has been because a lot of web video shows don’t look and feel like a traditional TV show. By having YouTube, the king website for web videos, shift their focus from low resolution videos to high resolution videos, the web video industry will grow and evolve.

This is a big day for not only web video content producers, but consumers as well. We’re finally getting to the point where quality matters.

MGS Retrospective complete – Gametrailers.com

For those who have been keeping an eye on the backstory for Metal Gear Solid GameTrailers.com has updated their retrospective series. It includes now not only the older console titles but also the handheld titles and finally a total game summary including the stories from all the previous titles in one single retrospective part. While the download size is not small at 100mb each part one cannot pass up watching this video series if interested in Metal Gear.
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Metal Gear Solid Retrospective heads-up


In a follow-on to our recent story regarding Metal Gear Solid
and GameTrailers.com MGS Retrospective video catchup series.
It is worth mentioning that the next of the weekly editions is
expected to be online anytime now with a direct link to be
found in the prior Stuffwelike story.
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