The Mario Bros sound effects keyring


Who doesn’t love Super Mario Bros. Nobody! That’s who. And what better way to relive those feelings of nostalgia than with this super-duper cool sound effects keyring, complete with original Super Mario Bros sounds.

I’ve been in possession of one for a few weeks now, and don’t ever see myself tiring of it.

Sounds include:-

  • Coin grab
  • Level start
  • 1-up sound
  • Jump
  • Power up mushroom
  • Losing a life 

Get yours, here.

PS3 Dualshock controllers to ship next week…yay!


The current console war has seen controllers mentioned more than any other one that preceded it. What with the Nintendo Wii’s motion sensing Wiimote and the PS3’s SixAxis, and how Sony allegedly “copied” Ninty by having motion sensing tech in their pad. 

While the rumble function in the PS2 Dualshock controllers was good, I haven’t really missed it at all on the PS3.

Still, it will be good to have it back. It will be like welcoming an old friend. Except my friends don’t vibrate uncontrollably whenever I’m around them. At least I hope not.   


Rock around the clock with Guitar Hero: On Tour


As if the Nintendo DS wasn’t popular enough, this little add-on should see it score yet more points with fans of portable gaming.

Guitar Hero: On Tour will let you strum wherever you like courtesy of the accompanied Guitar Grip peripheral replacing the guitar from its console counterparts.

As you’d expect, it will feature a huge selection of tracks and will also come toting Wi-Fi for duking it out online, rock and roll stylee.

While it’s a smart move to bring such a popular franchise to the DS it probably won’t replicate the feeling of being trying to be a rock star you’d get with holding an actual guitar.

I guess we’ll find out when it hits stores for around $49.99. Check out the official site for more details, rock aficionados.  

Acer NOT making game console :(

James Wong, of Acer

It appears that the rumour-mongering gaming gossip news sites had it all wrong! Acer is not entering the consoles industry, not making a video game console, and is definitely not going to pose a threat to Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

Acer explains that it’s senior VP, James Wong was ‘misinterpreted’ and that there is no way Acer is joining the console league. But then what was all that rumour news we reported all about? Hit the jump to find out!

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Acer to start making open-platform consoles

Acer Aspire

While the console market as of now appears to be dominated by the holy trinity – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, we’ve been hearing rumours of outsiders such as Apple aspiring to get into the action. Acer appears to have taken interest as well – and it’s going one step further – it will make open-platform consoles, giving game devs more freedom and game players more fun (we think).

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“Deadly Creatures” coming for Wii, lets you control a scorpion, tarantula

Deadly Creatures screenshot

When was the last time you wished for a game where you can play as a scorpion or a tarantula? I’m guessing it’s ‘never’? Coming from Rainbow Studios for the Wii, Deadly Creatures lets you do just that. And we assure you that when we say ‘scorpion’, we don’t mean scorpion as in Sonic is a hedgehog. We mean a real, killer scorpion.

Hit the jump for more info and the official trailer.
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