Product placement means prizes – Empire of Sports MMO


We are all used to in-game product placement, those vote Obama adverts in EA games like Battlefield and Burnout for instance. Now the online competitive sports title Empire of Sports is teaming up with winter sports equipment brand Völkl to bring us prizes in return. Continue reading “Product placement means prizes – Empire of Sports MMO”

PS3 Dualshock controllers to ship next week…yay!


The current console war has seen controllers mentioned more than any other one that preceded it. What with the Nintendo Wii’s motion sensing Wiimote and the PS3’s SixAxis, and how Sony allegedly “copied” Ninty by having motion sensing tech in their pad. 

While the rumble function in the PS2 Dualshock controllers was good, I haven’t really missed it at all on the PS3.

Still, it will be good to have it back. It will be like welcoming an old friend. Except my friends don’t vibrate uncontrollably whenever I’m around them. At least I hope not.   


StuffWeLike meets Darth Vader!


As if seeing James Bond’s car in the flesh wasn’t enough, look who I happened to bump into at the videogame event on the weekend. Only thing missing was the Lightsaber. Hmmm, maybe that explains the lost expression.

Hit the jump for a closer look into the dark side, and a great polish job.

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