Fallout: New Vegas Leaked Details Reveal Electricity, California

Detailed info on this Obsidian-developed extension to the Fallout universe, right after the jump!

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CSI Season 8 Part 2 – DVD Review

CSI 8.2

With so many CSI releases already past it’s hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad these days. Granted, almost all are the same, a half season of episodes and a quick featurette added for good measure. This release of season 8 part 2 is no different. There are a number of interesting stand-alone stortylines including issues covering bulls and the death of a tv star.
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CSI Las Vegas Season 7 Part 1 (Region 2 DVD) Review


This 7.1 set is a real high point as far as the quality of the episodes is concerned. You have a few action and a few drama with a number of interesting plot points added for later. An interesting point is the addition (at least for a while) in the last episode of the set of Liev Schreiber as a new CSI. For those of you who dont know the name he played Cotton in the Scream movies and was also in Sum of all fears. He is also expected to be the bad guy in the new Wolverine movie.

As far as the extras go though this is a real low. There are no features or even featurettes to mention and after the huge number of extras on the last boxset its somewhat of a shock. If your looking for a good few interesting episodes to see that the show is still going strong then you should see this but if your after something more than what you would get from watching the show on TV then this isnt it. Good as a TV show but bad as a DVD. Lets just hope that the second half of the season is where the extras are.

Verdict: –