Director and Sinestro talks for Green Lantern movie

Not the actual costume
Not the actual costume

With Ryan Reynolds signed up for the titular hero of the Green Lantern movie the pre-production is being run through rather quickly. Continue reading “Director and Sinestro talks for Green Lantern movie”

WATCHMEN: Tales of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood

Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood

Riding the coat tails of the theatrical release of Zack Snyder’s silly mess Watchmen, Warner Premiere has made some of this travesty worth while. Continue reading “WATCHMEN: Tales of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood”

Watchmen – Fanboy reviewers need only apply

(c) Fox
(c) Fox

Now that Watchmen has been released everyone has been voicing their opinions with reviewers having a field day both online and off. There has been a key problem with most of the reviews though which hasn’t been raised before. That’s the fanboy factor.

Granted, Watchmen is one of the most popular graphic novels going but the problem with the movie reviews appear to be that the critics are only judging Watchmen by how well it follows the source material. Yet totally ignoring if it’s a good movie. While these kinds of reviews may be acceptable to the US audiences who have read the graphic novel for those in other countries looking at the reviews on the major websites it’s nearly impossible to figure out if it’s a good film or not. Which should be the whole point of a review.

Without question there does appear to be a fanboy factor involved with Watchmen and it’s online presence. While this may be unavoidable, since all reviews came out the same time and don’t provide an answer to the film’s quality as just that a film, to those who haven’t seen the novel it may hurt box-office numbers. This is due to the geek/fanboy appearance that Watchmen has attained since the beginning of the year with nothing but questions on every website about some squid which could be considered a big spoiler.

There is nothing wrong with fanboys or those wishing to be assured that Watchmen has made the cross platform conversion intact, but for those considered the mainstream viewer, who just want to know if it’s a good movie it’s impossible to find out right now which could be scaring away potential audience members and dare I say it, revenue?

Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic – Blu-Ray Review

Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic

With Watchmen opening this weekend, the story is much in hype and demand, which the good folks at Warner Bros have been doing an excellent job of cashing in on. One of their many ideas was to actually just take the already existing graphic novel and animate it. Continue reading “Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic – Blu-Ray Review”