Freakazoid Season 1 DVD Review reviews Freakazoid Season 1 DVD.

Created in the mid-90s Freakazoid is more of a variety cartoon show. Anything is possible in this super-hero based world. The story doesn’t matter. It’s about the comedy.

The first disk is filled with the best episodes. Disc 2 isn’t nearly as good because they do focus in on story elements.

The special features are just as good as the show. Really funny.

Kids might not get the jokes, but teenagers to adults will.

I say buy it. This is definitely a must see.


Birds of Prey DVD Review reviews the DVD collection of Birds of Prey the TV Show.

This DVD features all 13 episodes of the series. It also has 30 episodes of the Flash Animated web series Gotham Girls and the Birds of Prey un-aired TV pilot.

This show originally aired on the WB.

I personally do not recommend anyone buy, rent, or even touch this DVD. It’s a waste of time and production effort.

If you think that I’m totally out of my mind for saying such things, let me know. I like to read absurd comments.

The Batman Season 5 – Review

I was never a fan of Kid’s WB’s The Batman. I saw the pilot and was left with a ‘meh’ feeling. The direction the series took was more light-hearted than Batman: The Animated Series, so should I bother to watch the same origin stories of The Dark Knight if they aren’t entertaining?

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How IMDB leaked the ending of The Dark Knight


Considering just how top secret all information is around the new Batman movie its a hard thing to imagine but yes without any spolier warnings IMDB have posted on their website the ending to the Batman movie.

First we want to let you know that there are going to be no spoilers in this article. Since its been ruined for us we dont want the same for you!

Since the tragic end of Heath Ledger recently IMDB has been posting all the news from the Associated Press directly. What they included on their daily Movie/TV news page is nothing short of giving away the ending to the movie. The article called “Australia Mourns Ledger Loss” has an interview with a movie producer by the name of Clint Morris. Included in his quotes are statements that give no doubt about what happens to The Joker in The Dark Knight and what happens at the end.

For those who do want to read the spoiler it can be found here. Half way into the paragraph. As you can see it doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. For a set of movies where everything is kept secret to the point where fake production titles are being used we can imagine that Warner Bros will be talking to IMDB very soon.

We don’t want to spoil you purposefully or anything, but just in case IMDB takes it down, we present before you the news as it is on IMDB:
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