That’s a Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

Last night I hit up Twede’s Cafe, which was the diner used in the pilot of Twin Peaks. To say the least with the cold outdoors and falling rain made it feel like I actually entered Twin Peaks. By the end of the night I was stuffed. The cherry pie was even better than what one would imagine by watching Twin Peaks. It was so soft and moist. It was totally worth the trip that it took to get there. I literally had to run a mile to Hertz and got there right as they were about to close. Then drove into the night to see the roads becoming engulfed with trees and mist. The thought to visit this diner hit me right when I landed in Washington. Being on such a tight schedule I can’t believe that I got to experience it all.

Twin Peaks Season 3

The first debunked rumor of 2013 is one that continues the idea of more Twin Peaks episodes. The rumors started from some Anonymous writer on a 4chan message board who said that David Lynch has been in talk with NBC executives about season 3 would pick up after season 2 in present day. It’s still exciting to ponder about the story ideas below:

– Lynch wants to be very hands on with the project, but the executives were very open about how “unusual” his tastes were. They seemed a little on edge about him tackling it alone.

– Lynch wants most of the cast back

– The story would revolve around the fact that good Cooper is still in the lodge and a young demale reporter will basically uncovered the truth behind Twin Peaks, Bob, and the lodge.

– Since season 2 bad Cooper has been in prison in another state for the murder of 2 Twin Peaks residents. He didn’t know which ones yet. It seems since season 2 bad Cooper went on a rampage. Everyone still thinks it’s the real Cooper.

– Lynch was adamant that the show opens by recreating the first red room scene in season 1. This takes place in modern day and was a hint that Cooper would be trapped within the red room.

Mark Frost debunked the rumor via Twitter: