The Mario Bros sound effects keyring


Who doesn’t love Super Mario Bros. Nobody! That’s who. And what better way to relive those feelings of nostalgia than with this super-duper cool sound effects keyring, complete with original Super Mario Bros sounds.

I’ve been in possession of one for a few weeks now, and don’t ever see myself tiring of it.

Sounds include:-

  • Coin grab
  • Level start
  • 1-up sound
  • Jump
  • Power up mushroom
  • Losing a life 

Get yours, here.

Hit the (beer) cans with Canouflage


Now, we don’t condone secretly getting drunk at the office, underage drinking, or fooling your parents into thinking you’re innocently sipping a can of soft drink when you’re in fact swilling away a can of beer.

But those are exactly the kind of things you might be able to get away with, courtesy of these Canouflage can wraps, that is until someone gets a whiff of your alcohol intoxicated breath.

They can be found here for $5.89. But we didn’t put you up to it.

Big boys toys: Lego MP3 player and iPod dock


Ah, Nostalgia. What a wonderful thing it is reminiscing about the days when we used to play with Lego. Speaking of which, check out this flashback inducing MP3 player from Homade, made from the colored buliding blocks. Well not quite, since they aren’t an official Lego product. Still, they look exactly like the building blocks of our youth.

Read on for the whole collection and the lego-like iPod dock.

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Cool Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Bank

The only type of magic mushrooms you’ll see ’round us

Even after 23 years it never gets boring to see merchandise from gamings most loved franchise. How cool is this money bank in the form of a 1UP and Super Mushroom.

Want? Then read on, mushroom lovers.

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