YouTube Behind The Times has released a new player that mixes YouTube videos together. This “custom player” allows you to customize the name of the player, color theme, and video display layout. The videos come straight from a YouTube user’s playlist, favorites list, or the user’s own uploaded videos.

Here’s our YouTube example:

Now first with the good: the way that the video thumbnails are displayed is fantastic! Glossy, iTunes-ness gorgeous!

Now for the this is crappy portion: no Full Screen view, background colors only? – why not pictures for more in-depth branded players, and there is no way to categorize the videos – they all get lumped together into one player.I’m being serious here in saying that YouTube sucks. It’s an old fashioned system that needs some major updates to catch up with newer video sites that have higher quality video, no site branding, and are skinless.

That’s why I submit to you the future of’s player The Pipeline! Get ready for the future of the multimedia experience. This new version (seen below) is planned to release in roughly 3 weeks.

The Pipeline v2.0

Major props to SplashCast for creating a great technology that allows users to create their own shows while still being able to syndicate other users shows **cough cough search for The Pipeline** all in one player.

The Legend of Zelda: Lost series

[Update: 4/9/08] The creators of Zelda Lost series now have a geek anime music video called Yuri Only One for Me.



DangerForce Productions has sent over a high quality file of their latest fan-film Zii. Zii is the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Lost fan-film that came out last year, which takes the Zelda universe and puts it into the real world, of course it still has magic! Without further ado…