Myst DS

Back in the day when the original Myst came out, my computer could barely run it. Fast forward to the year 2008 and I’ll now be able to play the entire game on my DS?! Sure Myst has been a portable game for a while with it being released on PDA’s and the PSP.

But jeeze this is the Nintendo DS, the handheld that is perfect that adventure games. It’s very shocking to realize that game developers haven’t exploited the adventure genre on the DS or even the Wii! Point and click, that’s basically what you do in adventure games. What do you do with the DS and Wii? Point and click.

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If 7/11 had music like this, we’d all be mad

I went out and bought the official soundtrack to The 7th Guest and I’ve uploaded all 28 tracks, over an hour in length, to the StuffWeLike’s media player The Pipeline!

But how do you watch and listen to hours worth of content? Lie down on your bed and turn your monitor facing you and bam you’ve got a next-gen TV.

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The Fatman Gives StuffWeLike His Blessing

Ok not really, but the composer for The 7th Guest, The Fatman, has allowed us to upload the soundtrack for The 7th Guest! Remember that game from 1992? If you don’t and want a refresher you can always check out the developer interview in the the Video Interviews section. 27 minutes of zany yet chilling music is now available in the Video Game Music Channel!

If you like what you hear you can actually buy The 7th Guest soundtrack off of Amazon.