VGA 2009 Mystery Premiere #2: Undercover Cop Game in Japan


The fourth game in the line to be revealed at the upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009 will be set in Japan, and it’s got an undercover cop. Trailer after the jump.
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Bethesda’s Newest Dystopian Title: Brink


The covers are off for Bethesda’s top-secret game developed by Splash Damage, Brink. Hit the break for a teaser trailer and the official site.
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3 New DeathSpank Teaser Trailers; Thong of Justice


DeathSpank. You may not have heard of it, but I have my eyes, ears and private parts on this one. The reason is that this the brainchild of Ron Gilbert, the legendary warrior-game designer who created the Monkey Island series and can today be seen grumbling and annoying people at his personal blag, Grumpy Gamer.

Yes, so what’s so great about DeathSpank, you ask? The answer would be Gilbert’s description of the game: “Monkey Island meets Diablo”. That is indeed a diabolic statement, but coming from Gilbert’s mouth, they could either be dead serious or dead sarcastic. Or both. Hmm.

Anyways, we’ve just got a bunch of teaser trailers to DeathSpank floating around the sea of YouTube that we’d like to show you. Each weighs in around a minute, the first showing off some stylish action that has just enough gore to mock Tim Schafer’s Brütal Legend.

The second and third show off some items and gear from the game that will most probably assist DeathSpank in whatever heroic act he is in at the moment. Of course, the most remarkable of these would be the spacious and ballsy Thong of Justice. We’ll just leave you at that.

To save you from some browser slowdown, we’ve put the other two videos after the jump, so continue reading!

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