VGA 2009 Mystery Premiere #2: Undercover Cop Game in Japan


The fourth game in the line to be revealed at the upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009 will be set in Japan, and it’s got an undercover cop. Trailer after the jump.

Here’s a snazzy, mysterious teaser to brighten up your day:

What is it? Nobody knows, but a glance at the trailer’s comments section says that most people expect it to be Dead to Rights: Retribution, a reimagining of 2002’s Max Payne-ish cop shooter noir, Dead to Rights. More wishful commentors are also pointing to a new installation in the Max Payne series, but considering how the development of Max Payne 3 is in full swing, that’s unlikely. And then there is of course, the possibility that it’s a completely original IP.

So what is it really? Tune in to Spike TV’s Video Game Awards 2009 coming December 12th to find out!

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