Weiner – DVD Review


If you’ve ever considered going into politics and the 2016 Presidential Election hasn’t dissuaded you, I recommend you watch the cautionary tale that is Weiner. This fascinating documentary takes us through the tumultuous mayoral campaign of formerly disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner who you may know better as that politician who accidentally Tweeted a pic of his junk out to all his followers instead of in a private message.

Thus began his fall from grace and his eventual resignation. However, not one to be knocked down for long, Weiner rose up once again for another fight. What results is an insane narrative of self-destructive behavior, political suicide, and what not to do in a marriage. And the craziest part of it all: it’s all true!

Weiner is full of cringe-worthy moments that make you want to turn away in horror at what is happening before you…but you just can’t look away. It’s a film that gives great insight into what goes into a political campaign, but also shows how to – or in this case how not to – handle a political scandal that just won’t go away.

If you’re like me, you’ll be baffled at how crazy things get and how quickly things unravel as Anthony Weiner desperately tries to cling to the last remaining shreds of his dignity and his changes to become mayor of New York City.

Weiner is an excellent study of what not to do when it hits the fan, a thing that is almost a daily occurrence in the life of Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign. Again, before you consider a life in the political spotlight watch this documentary then ask yourself if you have any skeletons past or present that could derail your dream of public service.

I highly recommend Weiner. It’s a must-see for political junkies, and for anyone who enjoys salacious political scandals.

Weiner is available now on DVD!

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The Worst Films of 2008: An American Carol Falls Flat; W. Fails Audiences

Political films are a tough sell in this day and age. Whether it’s the overwhelming disappointment in the past eight years of the Bush administration, or the state of the economy, Democrats and Republicans would much rather see Batman or Indiana Jones than politics on the big screen.

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Watership Down: Politics Through Animation

Watership Down (1978)
Warner Bros./Nepenthe Productions
Starring the voice talents of John Hurt, Richard Briers, Zero Mostel
Not Rated
Running Time = 92 minutes
Available Now

Allegory – a story in which people, things, and happenings have a hidden or symbolic meaning: allegories are used for teaching or explaining ideas, moral principles, etc.

And again, another vocab lesson has passed. Read on.

Remember 2-D animation? Yes, there was a time when animated movies were drawn and painted by hand, without the assistance of computers. It’s a complex process that employs hundreds of hours of work and detail. The end result is a series of moving drawings on the screen. Continue reading “Watership Down: Politics Through Animation”

Hollywood Says Vote

Occasionally Hollywood can come together and produce content that people want to watch. I honestly don’t think the audience that Hollywood is talking to, is going to actually search for this video, but they’ll watch it once their friends talk about it.

That’s the purpose of this video. Get 5 of your friends to watch it. Hopefully they’ll register and vote when the times comes.

It’s a fun video, good laughs, and somehow minimally political.

Of course I just like The Simpsons way of handling the subject.