Nyko Wing – Wii Classic Controller Killer?

Nyko Wing

If you’ve ever used the Wii Classic Controller to play Wii Virtual Console games, you might have noticed that it has a very retro feel. Sure this might be done on purpose since the idea is to use the controller to play old-school games, but what happened to a little thing called comfort? Continue reading “Nyko Wing – Wii Classic Controller Killer?”

CES 2008: Wii Wireless Nunchuk from Nyko

Nyko wireless Nunchuk

While we love our gadgets we hate wires. They are the bane of technology; always getting tangled up as if by magic. So it’s a good thing Nyko has unveiled a wireless Nunchuk for the Wii.

There’s just one little problem. After stories of Wiimote related accidents in the home doesn’t this make the Wii’s controls even more deadly?