Release Dates: Call of Duty 5, Dead Space, Lich King

Dead Space In October, no one will hear you scream. No, we’re not talking about Halloween, but the release of the highly anticipated sci-fi horror shooter from EA, Dead Space. Yes, we love taking potshots at that tagline that much.

EA has confirmed that the game will be heading into stores on October 14th for all the consoles (all meaning Xbox 360 and PS3), while the PC version will come ambling in on October 20th. Need to give it special time and all, I guess.

In any case, this will make for a good Halloween costume idea…

Lich King!

Next up, on November 4th will be coming World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Man, how long has that been in development? A year and a half? Pretty long for an expansion, methinks. That prolly goes to show how freakin’ awesome it just might be…

There isn’t any official word on this, but Kotaku seems to have found it out by abducting and interrogating random store employees. 

Call of Duty 5

And finally, on November 11th, the world goes to war as Call of Duty: World at War will be released. This one’s official, yes sir and comes straight from the investors site at Activision. It’ll be coming out for all consoles on that date, except, of course, the PS2.

In my honest opinion, this won’t be something very special. Especially not as special as the glorious Call of Duty 4. Because this one’s more of a “filler” game, and is, therefore, being developed by Treyarch, instead of everyone’s favourite Call-of-Duty-devs Infinity Ward.


Spore already Cracked, Torrented

Spore Screenshot

Who would have thunk it? Even though the game’s North American release date is still some 4 days off, Pirates of the High Internets have already gotten their measly hands on Spore and are evolving creatures as we speak! That’s right, Spore has been cracked and uploaded on a variety of BitTorrent trackers.

I quick search shows that every major tracker has taken it up and there seem to be dozens of torrents for this. All, of course, trace their roots to the masterful crack team RELOADED. There are thousands of peers and seeds on, so it looks like a lot of people want a shot at Spore before release date.

The torrents are clocking in at 3.39 GB. According to rumours, the leak itself came from some Australian retail stores selling the game way before release time, and then it hits the Internet for the world to enjoy. I’m guessing there won’t be any multiplayer or Internet connectivity in it, like the cracked version of that Spore Creature Creator.

Of course, without Internet connectivity, the game is pretty much poop. Still, that rarely stops pirates, arr!

Red Alert 3 has Tim Curry, I’m sold!

Our coverage of Red Alert 3 thus far includes sexy women in skin tight leather with big guns. Now it includes Tim Curry and a bunch of other “well known” actors. The latest trailer for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, looks to be like a high budget hilarious B movie! Time travel, Soviets vs. Allies, Albert Einstein – what more could you be asking for?!

This is pure awesomeness at its best. I’m so thrilled that EA seems to understand the Command & Conquer series for once! C&C Generals was a lame. C&C 3 brought the series back to its roots. C&C Red Alert 3 will explode into the glorious game of the year tier.

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Epic Making New IP with EA

Epic Games

Epic, impressed by their work on the Gears of War PC port, bought People Can Fly not very long ago. Now’s the time for action. Epic has announced that their Poland-based PCF studio will be working on a whole new IP to be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, all by EA. About time.

And we just got you excited on that, then sorry, we don’t have much else to report. That’s pretty much all that has been released upto now. No title, no hint of story, nothing. Still, being the keen industry analysts that we are, we’re guessing it will be a sci-fi first person shooter, involving either a dystopia or an alien invasion.

Epic seems to have been on a roll recently. While they have always prospered by selling their uber Unreal Engine to other devs, they took a walk out of the tent with Gears of War and are working on its sequel as we speak. They’re also doing great licensing Unreal Engine 3 and have a 4th version in the works.

Their flagship product, Unreal Tournament 3 didn’t do so well, however. This has left the franchise abandoned for the while, as no more news has been announced regarding it yet. Still, in an informal chat conducted by BeyondUnreal, an Epic employee (hehe) had said that Unreal Tournament will last as long as Epic does.

EA’s E3 Lineup Review

EA Logo

E3’s right around the corner now and in the big show, we’re going to be seeing a lot of awesome games filled with win. EA will be bringing in the biggest lot, from what I can tell. In this post, we check out which games are worth getting excited for. And there is, of course, the entire EA Line-Up right below:

• Dead Space
• FaceBreaker
• Hasbro Family Game Night
• Littlest Pet Shop
• Madden NFL 09
• Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
• Mirror’s Edge
• iPhone/iPod Touch Games from EA Mobile
• The Sims 2 Apartment Pets
• Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09 for the PSP
• Zubo
• MySims (PC)
• MySims Kingdom (Wii, DS)
• Spore
• Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09
• Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
• Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
• Crysis Warhead
• Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
• The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
• SimCity Creator (Wii)
• NBA Live 09
• NCAA® Football 09
• Skate It
• Rock Band™ 2
• Left 4 Dead

Definitely a mouthful. Check out the slightly more detailed looks by hitting the jump!
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Dragon Age renamed, coming to E3!

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age, BioWare’s much-awaited dark fantasy game that will be bringing them back to their classic D&D-style hardcore roleplaying, will be coming at this year’s E3, courtesy EA. In fact, it will be one of their “premier” titles at the big gaming showdown next week. A select press will get the chance to get their hands on the game.

More interestingly, the game has been renamed. Yes sir, you’ll refer to it as Dragon Age: Origins from now on. The name change may not seem like a whole lot, but I honestly like it: it adds more class to what was originally a pretty generic name… (then again, no offence to BioWare, an epic fantasy hardcore D&D roleplaying game does sound a tad generic).

Staying truthful to their promise of “More on July 9th”, the official website has also been updated. Not that it really gives you a whole lot more. I love the logo, which I have graciously pasted above. But an interesting bit of info it gives it that the First Trailer will be coming out on Spike TV and Spike HD this Friday at 1:00 am. Of course, it will be then uploaded to Gametrailers in glorious HD-ness.

The website also gives you two newsletters to subscribe to: one for info on the game in general, and another for “world-builders” (read modders). Hmm, perhaps BioWare is going to put a lot of focus on moddability and customization, like Neverwinter Nights. The more I hear of this game, the more I can’t help believe that it’s a spiritual successor to Neverwinter Nights in some way or another.