Exclusive Interview with ‘Ratfist’ creator Doug TenNapel

Ratfist is back on the Stuff We Like menu with an exclusive chat with the webcomic’s creator, Doug TenNapel. Continue reading “Exclusive Interview with ‘Ratfist’ creator Doug TenNapel”

Ratfist: a new hero from Earthworm Jim’s Doug TenNapel

TenNapel's Ratfist

Watch out, webcomic readers.  Doug TenNapel, perhaps most popularly known as the creator of the video game Earthworm Jim, has brought the world a new screwball superhero to the internet webcomic scene. Continue reading “Ratfist: a new hero from Earthworm Jim’s Doug TenNapel”

Interplay returns; brings Fallout MMO

Interplay Logo

Anybody who has lived and played video games before 2000 will have heard of Interplay, and with good reason – they were the makers of some of some of the most awesome games in video game history, with Fallout, the Descent games, the MDK games and many more cool titles.

However, encountering financial troubles, Interplay crashed into an unknown abyss, never to be seen again. Last December, Interplay announces their return – which they will finance from the money they got by selling the Fallout IP to Bethesda.

Interplay has released details now, and their plans appear ambitious enough to have them at the forefront of the industry again! Interplay will be working on a Fallout MMO (that’s right), sequels to Descent, Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance and MDK!

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