Far Cry 3 Set in Africa

Far Cry 2 Screenshot

Wow, it seems like only yesterday I brought you the news of Ubisoft Montreal announcing Far Cry 2. With that game coming close to release now, Ubisoft Montreal goes further to announce another addition to the franchise. No, it’s not the Far Cry: Africa Pet Zoo for the DS, it’s a full-fledged Far Cry 3.

Announced at Leipzig, it has been confirmed that the game will be set in Africa. Ubisoft Montreal seems to be keen on boosting African tourism industries with their repeated interest in African wildlife and the promise it holds. I agree with that, too: you can only fight so much in Normandy! Still, I was expecting a Far Cry set in, say, an East European urban setting, or maybe the Great Wall of China or someplace equally exotic.

The team has made a commitment to Africa, supposedly, but shows interest in the Antarctic setting as well, which would be totally cool in my opinion, no pun intended. They also admit that the Africa setting will save time. Hmm.

The game will use the same engine as Far Cry 2 and we don’t have any more details on it, as usual. Suffice to say, it’ll involve lots of exotic, open-world, instinct-based action. Crytek is, as usual, out of the picture, probably too busy working on Crysis 2 or some such.

Crytek reveals Crysis: Warhead

Crysis Warhead

Faithful readers will remember that we reported when Crytek registered the Crysis Warhead trademark. It looks like the name has been materialized into what appears to be a brand new game: not an expansion or a console port, a full-fledged title!

Warhead puts you in the eyes of one of the most loved characters in the game, Sergeant Sykes (a.k.a. Psycho). The game will take place parallel to the events of the original game, set through Sykes’ view of the other side of the island. Sykes will be armed with a larger arsenal of fully-customizable weapons, all new vehicles and stuff.

Crytek will be focussing on improving their storytelling (which is a noble move, IMO) and game performance. That means that Crytek will most likely not be raising the graphics bar to superhuman levels. But hell, better game performance at least means it will work on normal computers and not alien mainframes. And for once, we’ll have a sensible storyline.

Warhead is a PC exclusive and is being developed with a new and enhanced version of the classic CryENGINE 2, at Crytek’s Budapest Studio. That is where you go to capture the copies and ransom them. Or do something like that. Yeah.

Stay tuned for more info, most likely in the coming summer. Meanwhile, you can ogle over the official press release here.

Holy Cryst, Crytek trademarks “Crysis Warhead”

Crysis Warhead

Crytek, the vydeo game developer we all know very well for makyng Far Cry and Crysis have trademarked the name “Crysis Warhead”. Since it sounds lyke a great name for a game, we thynk that must be it, and there’s also a remote chance it might be connected to the orygynal Crysis game.

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Far Cry movie looks as bad as it should

No, really. Even if you’re a AAA-level Hollywood director, a video game enthusiast and have no trouble getting people to watch your movies, which game would you choose to adapt to a movie? Maybe something with a good entertainment value, a great story. Maybe something that accurately demonstrates how much video games have evolved to become excellent storytelling mediums.

But it doesn’t work that way for Uwe Boll. Dungeon Siege – ah, the hack-and-slash that was lambasted for its lack of storyline or depth – yes, excellent movie material. Far Cry – great game, but the story was obviously added after the game, and ripped off of some bootlegged B-movie, yes, why not?

And Far Cry is one game where you’d hope the director doesn’t stick to the plot of the original, but Uwe Boll defies the crowd once more to stick very closely to the abysmal plot of Far Cry, as is evident in the trailer above. No wonder the mainstream media doesn’t find video games capable to storytelling.

It’s got everything – the campiest cheesy lines, German accents for the megalomaniac villain, mutants that look like muscular bald men (they probably couldn’t afford them to look like they do in the game), Hummers blowing up and acting skills that one never thought could exist.

Then again, maybe it’s best that Uwe Boll ruinss the games with poor storylines instead of the better ones out there (*prays to Lord he never plays Deus Ex*).

Crytek confirms Crysis movie!


Video game-based movie adaptations seem to be in the season, with Gears of War, Far Cry, World of Warcraft, Max Payne, Metal Gear Solid, American McGee’s Alice, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and many more, such as the legendary Halo movie. The latest to join the line-up is the PC-killer, nanosuit-wearing, graphic card-throttling beast that is…

Crysis! Hit the jump to find out the what and where.

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Crysis patch in two weeks, Performance to be improved (Yes!)

[Update] Crytek has updated the status of their latest patch. 



inCrysis, a Crysis fansite recently hosted an IRC interview with Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek and Roy Taylor, Vice President of Content Relations at NVIDIA. They’ve posted the transcript of the event at their site, which can be found here. While most of the stuff is technobabble, I did extract the following information from it:

  • Crytek is currently collecting feedback information and will have a patch ready in 7-14 standard, human days.
  • They are seeing improved performance with every driver and patch update, which is good thing. This also means that performance will be increased in upcoming patches and driver updates.

Some other things worth pointing out:

  • Crysis is designed as part of a trilogy, so the abrupt ending of the singleplayer was very deliberate. That’s right – why make a spectacular story for one game when you can stretch it to fit three and make more money at the same time?
  • Cevat says that if you want to get into the gaming industry, start making maps and mods and things. You’ll be noticed if you try hard enough. No guarantees here.
  • Roy’s response to whether GPUs should handle advanced physics:
    • Generally we believe that the GPU can stand by itself as a powerful processor more than capable of accelerating advanced physics for today’s and future games. The GPU lends itself well to scalable, violent or destructible physics. What we need is an industry standard API that developers and the community can get behind, that isn’t proprietary. Ideally the developer can then select the GPU or other processor as they see fit. We dont have one today, and this is something we are looking into.Specifically with regard to CryEngine 2 we are in discussions with the team about this but can’t add more right now.
  • You should use NVIDIA for playing Crysis.

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