Rammbock Berlin Undead DVD Review

You might think that German zombies would be the scariest around, but judging by the undead in the film Rammbock Berlin Undead, they’re not. That award still goes to British zombies. Continue reading “Rammbock Berlin Undead DVD Review”

Poltergeist remake has been confirmed, we repeat – CONFIRMED.

Some girl, possibly from the Poltergeist movies

Almost exactly a year ago, the guys at Bloody Disgusting posted news about a possible Poltergeist remake, but nothing was official and so they just got a bit laughed at. But they were persistent and they continued to claim that the remake is for real, even after Spielberg denied it. This time, they seem to have confirmation that the 1982 horror classic is going to be resurrected. It’s going to be a post-strike movie, under production at MGM (which Bloody Disgusting reported amidst the rumours long ago).

BD doesn’t have any concrete proof, however, including no official announcement. They are “100% certain”, but I’d like to see some hard proof. Bloody Disgusting has informed us to wait for 2008 for more news. Yeah, I’ll just go drink coffee.