Rammbock Berlin Undead DVD Review

You might think that German zombies would be the scariest around, but judging by the undead in the film Rammbock Berlin Undead, they’re not. That award still goes to British zombies.

Berlin Undead is spoken in German with English subtitles. I tend to not be a fan of subtitles, but this is a zombie movie. How many subtitles do you think you’ll have to read? The majority of the movie is people running around screaming for their lives. I don’t think that any language needs screams to be translated.

As far as the story goes, it’s about this group of people in an apartment complex trying to survive a zombie infestation. Unlike a lot of other zombie flicks, these people really have no way to kill the zombies. As such Berlin Undead doesn’t contain many moments where blood is splattering all over the place. The characters simply run away from the zombies as fast as possible to get into another place to hide once again.

I think the most stand out moment was the ending. It’s slightly ridiculous. It might not be for everyone, but again at least it is different.

There are two special features on this DVD The Making of Rommbock Berlin Undead and Zombiefication. Zombiefication is in English. It’s a comedic short film about zombies and what to do in case they sit next to you in a movie theater. The making of special feature contains behind the scenes footage and interviews about the production of Berlind Undead. This part is again in German.

Rammbock Berlin Undead is a decent zombie film that should entertain anyone looking to watch humans in a perilous situation.

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