Quantum of Solace – DVD Review


James Bond has been and will continue to be a source of heated debate amongst the young and the old. Continue reading “Quantum of Solace – DVD Review”


The Wild Geese: Special Edition – DVD Review

(c) The Wild Geese - Arrow Films

Starring legendary actors Roger Moore (James Bond), Richard Burton (Where Eagles Dare) and Richard Harris (Gladiator) Wild Geese is the story of a highly specialised team of British mercenaries who are employed to rescue an African leader from prison and return him to power. Continue reading “The Wild Geese: Special Edition – DVD Review”

Burn Notice Season 1 – DVD Review


Burn Notice is a comedy/action series about a US spy who is fired in the middle of a job overseas. After being dropped in Miami there is a threat that he is not allowed to leave the city or know who burned him. So to keep busy the spy helps the local people with their problems involving mobsters and conmen. All while trying to find out information about his situation and why. Continue reading “Burn Notice Season 1 – DVD Review”



When we look back at movies of the past a lot of times we remember most fondly the music involved. When it comes to the 90’s action movie The Rock with Sean Connery and Nick Cage the music is something that changes the film from being just a fond memory to something you want to bring back in soundtrack form. Continue reading “ESSENTIAL MUSIC: The Rock OST Review”

CSI Season 8 Part 2 – DVD Review

CSI 8.2

With so many CSI releases already past it’s hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad these days. Granted, almost all are the same, a half season of episodes and a quick featurette added for good measure. This release of season 8 part 2 is no different. There are a number of interesting stand-alone stortylines including issues covering bulls and the death of a tv star.
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