The Wild Geese: Special Edition – DVD Review

(c) The Wild Geese - Arrow Films

Starring legendary actors Roger Moore (James Bond), Richard Burton (Where Eagles Dare) and Richard Harris (Gladiator) Wild Geese is the story of a highly specialised team of British mercenaries who are employed to rescue an African leader from prison and return him to power.

It’s a classic war film that still can compete with the best of them. It can almost be summed up as the gentleman’s Rambo: First Blood Part II. Full of action but with a serious message about the future of Africa. Even though the film is decades old the problems mentioned are still around today so it does prove relevant even now. The action is top notch with incredibly memorable characters and scenes. If you liked Michael Caine in Zulu, you will love Roger Moore in The Wild Geese.

(c) The Wild Geese - Arrow Films

What hardcore action fans will really appreciate is the rare inclusion of Roger Moore doing an audio commentary. Not even any of the James Bond releases had such an addition. Others also providing commentary on the same track are producer Euan Lloyd and editor John Glen. The rest of the extras are world premiere newsreel footage, a photo gallery and the trailer.

The Wild Geese: Special Edition is released March 30th in the UK.

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