Zombie epic movie, World War Z, on hold

Some bad news on the Zombie genre front, and it’s not that the dead are actually coming to life. Continue reading “Zombie epic movie, World War Z, on hold”

Star Trek XI trailer kicks some major ASS

Even if you’re not a fan of the previous Star Trek films or TV shows, you will agree that this new trailer shows that the film has potential. You simply cannot argue against a trailer that simply shows tons of amazing looking action sequences and sleek set designs. For the moment Star Trek XI looks kick-ass!

Now your opinion may change once we get more in-depth story and character driven trailers out the door in the coming months, but for now pay $10 to see the 007: Quantum of Solace and you’ll see the preview for Star Trek.

In two days the trailer can be seen on the internet in high definition – but if you’re a geek leave your computer behind and check it out on the big screen ASAP! It’ll blow you away!

A little neat factoid, Alex Blume and I were in the hanger bay scene with all the other red coats. Yeah we’re trek extras. It was awesome.