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Backwoods 3: Topanga Treasure Hunters!

Backwoods 3: Topanga Treasure Hunters

Somehow it has been six years since Backwoods 2 To Der Marz! Michael and I decided it was time to tell you what the characters have been up to since then. Backwoods 3 is the first ever StuffWeLike video to be shot in 4k on a Red Epic. Considering that all we have left of the first two videos is standard definition versions, Backwoods 3 is going to pop out of your screen!

Sponsored Video: Heineken Wants You to Become Legendary

Look we live in a world where being great at multiple things is pretty damn difficult! But in order to be legendary, you only have to be good at one thing. [Sweet!]

That is why Heineken hired literally 20 different non-actors to play the same role in The Odyssey.

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