Sponsored Video: Heineken Wants You to Become Legendary

Look we live in a world where being great at multiple things is pretty damn difficult! But in order to be legendary, you only have to be good at one thing. [Sweet!]

That is why Heineken hired literally 20 different non-actors to play the same role in The Odyssey.

Each man approaches the situation differently and adds their unique legendary talent, which creates memorable experiences. Every one is legendary at something. No two of us are exactly alike, not even twins. We all have our own personal abilities and personalities, which we should try to always incorporate them into every day life.

Simply put if life is filled with moments, why can’t they all be memorable? I think Heineken has it right, we should make the moment stand out, not the other way around. Individual people are legendary, while moments can be generic. It is up to us to bring our own unique mindset and skills to that moment so it stands out from the rest. Yeah those situations might not be as epic as opening a bottle of Heineken with a lobsters claw, but it does not have to be.

These men are professional non-actors… who can just do some crazy stuff. If you doubt their legendary-ness just watch this video for proof of their status! They’ve earned it.

This video below shows you how they received their spot in the role.

Just a fun tid-bit, the boat set was built on a car park by the beach just outside Barcelona, Spain – where the set also fit a 10 foot deep pool on the boat, which required a special diver to dive in the very shallow water.

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